Morocco Relo Services : Real Estate

Eager to find the accommodation that would meet your requirements, MRS invites you to visit some examples of rental properties that we will make available to you.

And this in the different districts that we have selected for you:

Anfa district:

Affluent neighborhood with luxury villas, close to the sea. Note that the rental price is very high: it varies between 40,000 to 100,000 MAD / month

Le Triangle d’Or, Racine and Gauthier are very popular neighborhoods and highly sought after by expatriates.

Although the prices are higher, The CIL and Ain Diab neighborhoods are also very attractive to expatriates.

They are close to business centers (banks, companies, and especially foreign schools (Theophile Gauthier, Bizet, Lyautey, African Leon, Maîmounide, etc.)).

New neighborhoods, which emerged only a few years ago and continue to expand, are rather upscale, given the prices charged, but are frankly eccentric. We are talking here about Dar Bouazza / Tamaris and Bouskoura especially. Schools have opened in this kind of neighborhood to allow the children of expatriates an educational development and more specifically to avoid them the problems of distance from schools(Belgian School and American School George Washington in Dar Bouazza, Ecole Francaise Massignon, and The British School in Bouskoura, the green city)

Another very popular district is the Californie district, 10 minutes from Bouskoura, the district of senior officials and diplomatic corps. The American school is located in this area.

Then the new district, the large business center which replaced the old Anfa Airport which is considered the largest in Morocco: Casa Finance City (CCF).It is surrounded by newly constructed office and residential buildings (Bouygues Group, Les Tours Végétales by Yasmine Group):

Les Pavillons Anfa Club brochure

Les Tours Végétales brochure