Originally, foreign school education in Morocco was part of the Kingdom’s bilateral cooperation with friendly countries. According to a source close to the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, this teaching aims first of all “to meet a demand from foreign parents, in particular diplomatic staff accredited in Morocco”, foreign residents or binationals.

All foreign schools open within the framework of bilateral cooperation after negotiation between the MAEC and the embassy of the country concerned. This was the case for France, Spain, the United States and the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels (Belgium).

Foreign schools provide the public education program of the partner country, but remain subject to limited control by the Moroccan Ministry of National Education, particularly regarding the inspection of the teaching of the Arabic language and of history geography.

More than half of foreign schools are located in Casablanca or Rabat. Morocco has about fifty foreign schools, welcoming 45,000 students of different nationalities:

  • 32 French educational establishments;
  • 11 Spanish educational institutions;
  • 5 American educational institutions;
  • 1 establishment of the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels;

This year, the French education network in Morocco educated 43,500 pupils from kindergarten to 12th [...]

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Lists of Spanish schools in Morocco

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Lists of American schools in Morocco

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The Jewish school in Morocco

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The Belgian school in Morocco

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Italian school

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British school

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