This year, the French education network in Morocco educated 43,500 pupils from kindergarten to 12th grade in its establishments (school, college, high school): in direct management of l’Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger(EGD of the AEFE), coming under l’Office Scolaire et Universitaire International(OSUI), the Alliance Israélite Universelle (AIU) and partner establishments.

You wish to enroll your child in an establishment belonging to the French education network in Morocco (AEFE – OSUI – Partners concerned “EFI”, “GSJC” and “LFIO”) at the start of the school year?

The law 06-00 relating to private school education in Morocco does not provide for the case of foreign schools. However, it should be noted that 8 Moroccan private schools including: Ecole Jabr, La Résidence, were granted the right to provide education other than official one, some evoking mission-type education and others an approval which we have not been able to verify.

Foreign schools provide the public education program of the partner state, but remain subject to limited control by the Moroccan Ministry of National Education, particularly concerning the inspection of the teaching of the Arabic language, history and geography.

“Enrollment in a French establishment implies full adherence to its pedagogical and educational objectives, as well as to its operating principles and rules, guaranteeing the cohesion and mobilization of the educational community around the values ​​conveyed by our schools and our establishments. The part of this manual, devoted to the organization of lessons, also deserves your attention.

I would like to draw your attention to the rule relating to the recruitment and admission of students from siblings (one of whose members is already in the network of French schools). These students will be subject to the entrance test and will benefit from priority recruitment if the level obtained is equivalent to a minimum defined by the French Education Service. This provision will be effective subject to availability of places.

As parents of students, you will participate in the advisory bodies of our establishments by electing your representatives. School and institute councils involve school partners, in particular parents of students, to reflect on school life. They are places of listening and discussion. It is therefore essential that you take part in these instances. ”

Michel HOUDU
Academy Inspector
Deputy Cultural Advisor
Responsible for French education in Morocco

The French education network in Morocco consists of:

  • Establishments under direct management of the AEFE (EGD);
  • Institutions of the OSUI (Office Scolaire et Universitaire International);
  • Institutions of the IAU (Alliance Israélite Universelle);
  • PARTNER establishments.

All these French educational establishments are approved by the French Ministry of National Education and offer the same guarantees as to the recognition of the studies pursued there and the examinations prepared there.

French education is a path of excellence. The excellent marks obtained by students in French high schools abroad on the national diploma examination and the baccalaureate reflect the quality of the training provided there. Recognized everywhere for their pedagogical excellence, these establishments open the doors of the best universities and prestigious schools to their students, in France and around the world. (French Embassy website).

Note that this system prepares for a few preparatory classes for the prestigious schools (CPGE) in France.