We help you settle in with confidence

Reception at the airport and welcome: a car will be sent to you at the airport to welcome you and welcome you according to Moroccan tradition

We take care of all your administrative procedures as soon as you arrive.

A smooth arrival

Your relocation would certainly require many administrative procedures, not accessible in most cases. The MRS team takes care of all the administrative procedures regarding your installation, allowing you to concentrate on discovering your new environment.

Simple and flexible

  • 1
    File submission to the Moroccan authorities: your residence card, your work permit, driving license, and others.

  • 2
    Subscription to water and electricity contracts

  • 3
    Home Insurance

  • 4
    Bank account

  • 5
    Internet connection and television

  • 6
    Registration for sports clubs, (example: CAF for French people)

  • 7
    Referral to your future general practitioner

  • 8
    Orientation to furniture and appliance stores

  • 9
    Guided tour of the best sites of the future city of your installation.

  • 10
    Any other request will be welcome

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