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Morocco, a land of contrasts

This country located in the northwest of Africa is a popular destination for foreigners and that’s understandable! With regular sunshine of excellent quality, it is possible to travel to Morocco throughout the year.

Morocco is less than 3 hours by plane from France and it is an interesting holiday destination to visit.

Morocco offers huge investment opportunities for companies

Over the past decade, Morocco has successfully embarked on a vast program of macroeconomic adjustment and structural reforms. These reforms focused on the liberalization of foreign trade, the opening of the financial system, privatizations, liberalization of mobile telecommunications and certain institutional reforms such as those of customs, commercial justice or governance.

The Government has also recognized the importance of creating an environment conducive to the development of enterprises and a frank and vigorous dialogue has been initiated between the Government and companies to achieve this. Important reform projects have been initiated: education and training, the legal system, land properties, public administration, the labor code, the facilitation of business creation, the promotion of investment and the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), etc. In addition, major public and private partnership projects have been launched, in particular the ambitious plan to welcome 20 million tourists by 2020.


Leisure and activities for a successful integration

18-hole Golf sites

A big forest

Morocco Mall

Swimming pools

Tennis clubs


Places to relax: SPAs

Restaurants all along the Atlantic coast

Sindibad - Casablanca

Croco parc - Agadir

Des endroits de détentes : des spas

Des restaurants au long de la côte Atlantique et la méditerrané

Benevolent patron friends and ... with experience

Quite logical to think that for each project, the local Interface will be Key; and LA a new generation middle management now exists

One of my favorite maxims in the Shereefian Kingdom was: sell in Morocco to almost everyone knows how to do .. Selling and Collecting Money is where it is played ..