As everywhere else, renting accommodation in Morocco implies signing a lease in due form. Thus, Moroccan leases are valid for one year, with monthly rental payment. Once signed, the owner must have the document certified.

Electricity and hot water charges are the responsibility of tenants and can be paid monthly online, from the supplier, or from a speedy payment service.

Homeowners are not required to include hot water tanks, heaters, or refrigerators in unfurnished apartments, so it’s wise to compare rentals from multiple owners to make sure you get a fair deal.

By choosing a furnished rental, you will have to pay a higher rent (from around 3000 Dh). As for buildings with concierge, they induce the payment of monthly fees to cover the costs of cleaning the common areas.

When you move into a new home, you may also have to pay a tax (equivalent to one month’s rent) for paperwork and have the water and electricity meters put in your name by going to the town hall. utility company (the owner of the accommodation will walk you through the process). Provide the owner’s signature on the application form as well as a copy of your identification document.

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