We have even thought about the possible departures of your employees after the end of their mission in Morocco

MRS offers you the necessary support for a complete and comfortable departure of your employees from Morocco

Relocation services outside Morocco

Morocco Relo Services is part of a large international relocation network, thus offering your employees the same services.

Our main partner, the leader in this field, Bienvenue-The French Speaking, will assist you and put you in touch with different members across the globe.

Management of the end of the lease

Termination of the lease and management of the restoration of the property (professional cleaning, gardener)

Organization and presence during the exit inventory

Termination of subscriptions and contracts related to housing (telephone, gas, electricity, etc.)

Advice will be provided by specialists at the end of your employees' mission

  • 1
    Assessment of the employee's tax situation before leaving

  • 2
    Choice of the best optimization according to the country of destination

  • 3
    Presentation of the tax overview of the host country

  • 4
    Estimate / Calculation of the estimated tax of the country of arrival

  • 5
    Annual tax return and tax optimization

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