We are concerned with finding the right school for the children of your employees

We make sure that your employees make the perfect choice for the best education of their children:
high schools, colleges, schools, or nurseries. MRS is aware of this educational component’s importance and provides them with a well-informed team of the different school systems, both private and public, to guide them towards the most suitable educational solution.

A simple, flexible but above all fast approach

  • 1
    An exchange with our team before your arrival for a better understanding of the needs and concerns of your employees

  • 2
    Proposal of a list of institutional recommendations (assessment of the quality of teaching, tuition fees and proximity to home)

  • 3
    We inform you about the details: registration fees, tuition fees of the selected establishments

  • 4
    Our team will contact the selected establishments to ensure the availability of places

  • 5
    We will take care of the registration procedures and formalities for your employees with the chosen establishments

  • 6
    Finally, we will monitor the progress of registrations until the completion

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